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  • OSHA: This law works to protect you in your working environment. In this section, you will learn how to assure your working environment is free from hazards, and how to handle exposures and incidents.
  • Reporting and Review of Maltreatment of Adults and Minors: Offers the information you need to effectively protect and empower the individuals you support regarding their vulnerabilities. You will learn what it means to be a Mandated Reporter and the necessary steps of reporting in the event that one of the individuals HH supports may experience abuse or neglect.
  • Positive Support Rule/Emergency Use of Manual Restraints: Governs what techniques are permitted and not permitted when managing aggressive, non-aggressive or self-injurious behaviors. You will learn which techniques are exempt, controlled or prohibited, and the steps taken to consider, attempt or reject each technique.
  • Data Privacy: Learn guidelines that promote service recipient rights ensuring data privacy and record confidentiality of persons served.
  • Person Centered Services Planning & Delivery: Describes services and goal planning for people we support that are based on their identified needs, interests, preferences, and desired outcomes. Learn about developmental disabilities and the delivery of person first language along with respectful non-verbal communication.
  • Rights of Person Served: Review the rights that apply to persons served in a program licensed under MN Statutes, chapter 245D.
  • First Aid and Emergency Response Procedures: Helps employees understand basic first aid skills and how apply them when needed. Learn different types of emergency situations and how to respond appropriately to them.

Employee Requirement:

  • Mandatory for All Staff within 72 hours of hire date and then every 365 days, thereafter
  • Initial Training is provided at New Hire Program Paperwork (NHPP).
  • Employees may choose to take the Live Annual Training or they may choose to take the Annual Compliance Quiz
  • Supervisors may require an employee to take the Live Training vs. the quiz.
  • Live training = 4 Hours
  • Offered 1 time per year