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Focusing on Individual Abilities

Focusing on Individual Abilities

Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and to have their dignity maintained

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Empowering People
Providing Choices
Focused on Individual Abilities
Promoting Independence
A Heartfelt Connection

A Heartfelt Connection:


Make a Gift Today

There are several ways your gift makes a difference in adding quality to the lives of people supported by Hiawatha Homes. Each and every gift is appreciated and valued. Dollars pooled together can make a significant difference in people’s lives.

Gift Opportunities:

  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Specialized Equipment and Assistive Support – Such as lifts, slings, standers, scooter boards, and communication devices.
  • Social, Community, and Recreational Support – Such as parties, special day trips, and camps.
  • Specialized Medical Needs and Health and Wellness Support – Such as dental visits, glasses, and exercise videos.
  • Building and Remodeling Homes – Invest in home improvement projects and accessible homes.
  • Therapeutic Pet Support – Such as new pets, veterinarian services, training, grooming, and food.



To learn more about gift opportunities contact:
Crystal Landherr, Director of Development and Communications
(507) 226-0700 direct line

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