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There are several ways your gift makes a difference in adding quality to the lives of people supported by Hiawatha Homes. Each and every gift is appreciated and valued. Dollars pooled together can make a significant difference in people’s lives.

Emergency Preparedness Fund:

Coronavirus/COVID-19 has been making headlines for weeks. At Hiawatha Homes, our emergency preparedness committee has been hard at work preparing for every possible scenario. In addition to master plans for the individuals we support and team members, we are stocking up on necessary supplies to ensure the health and safety of the individuals we support and our HH team members.

To assist with the added expense, we invite you to donate to our emergency preparedness fund. To donate, simply click the link below. Thank you for your consideration and support!

Additional Gift Opportunities:

  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Emergency Preparedness – Supplies and needs related to an emergency.
  • Specialized Equipment and Assistive Support – Lifts, slings, standers, scooter boards, and communication devices.
  • Social, Community, and Recreational Support – Parties, special day trips, and camps.
  • Specialized Medical Needs and Health and Wellness Support – Dental visits, glasses, and exercise videos.
  • Building and Remodeling Homes – Invest in home improvement projects and accessible homes.
  • Therapeutic Pet Support – Veterinarian services, training, grooming, and food.
  • Planned Giving – Bequests, life insurance, retirement plans, appreciated assets, and personal property/real estate.


Donors like you make an impact! Your gift means so much to Hiawatha Homes. Take a look…

To learn more about gift opportunities contact:
Crystal Landherr, Director of Development & Communications
(507) 226-0700 or clandherr@hiawathahomes.org