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  • HHF: 507-289-8683

Emergency Preparedness/Response Volunteers

The impact of the Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19 is becoming more apparent by the minute! At Hiawatha Homes, our HH Management Team and Emergency Preparedness Committee have been diligently working to ensure the safety of the individuals we support and our HH staff members. As needs arise, we may need the support of volunteers.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer needs/opportunities will evolve as the COVID-19 situation progresses. Potential volunteer opportunities include:

  • Cleaning/Disinfecting
  • Grocery Shopping/Delivery
  • Meal Prep/Delivery
  • Laundry (off-site)
  • Staff Transportation

If you are interested in signing up to help, please click through using the “Volunteer Sign Up” button below. We will be in touch as needs arise.

Donate Needed Goods

We are currently in need of donations of the following:

  • Cloth face masks
  • Art supplies
  • Craft supplies

If you are interested in donating any of the goods listed above, please click below to complete a donor form.

We understand that things are uncertain at this moment. Are you interested in volunteering in the future?

We offer volunteer opportunities for all abilities!

Hiawatha Homes offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to people looking to make a difference. What are your interests, skills and talents? We are always seeking kind people for tasks such as reading, playing cards/games, completing arts and crafts, sharing musical talents, going on walks, attending religious functions, attending special events (i.e. community events, concerts, sporting events, etc.), home improvement projects, and more.

Questions? Contact Lindsay Birr, Development Associate, at (507) 601-8871  or lbirr@hiawathahomes.org