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Spending time at home has never been so fun!

The Hiawatha Homes Social & Wellness Committee has been hard at work planning fun things to do while we hunker down at Hiawatha Homes! We will be posting new activities weekly, and we’ll continue to compile our list of e-activities to explore at your leisure. 

Have an idea to add to the fun? Email Lindsay Birr, HHF Development Associate, at lbirr@hiawathahomes.org or call (507) 601-8871. 

Positive Quote of the Week

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

Scheduled Activities – a.k.a. Let’s Stay Connected Even When We’re Apart

Be sure to send us your pictures/videos:

Add them to the P: Drive (Folder location: P:\\Photos\\Hunker Down at HH)

Text/Email Meghan Eggers, Communications Associate, at (507) 601-7129 or meggers@hiawathahomes.org

Trivia Thursdays

Dance Party Fridays

House Party Saturdays

June 1-7: Activity 1 - Figurative Language

June 1-7: Activity 2 - Design Your Own Planet

Design your own planet! What will you name it? Click here for the instructions.

June 8-13: Activity 1 - Terracotta Pot Painting

Paint away with your most creative designs! Save the extra paint for another fun project next week. NOTE: Look for dirt and flowers to plant after your pots are painted.

June 12: Dress Up Day - Disguise Day

Dress up in your favorite disguise! This will be interesting:)

eActivities – a.k.a. Ready When You Are

NASA at Home

Field Trips

Music Lessons


Falcon Cam

Story Time

Virtual Self Care

Self Care Apps

Self Care Videos

Spiritual Support