Hiawatha Homes
1820 Valkyrie Drive NW
Rochester, MN 55901
HHI: 507-289-7222
HHF: 507-289-8683
Providing Choices

Providing Choices

Everyone has the right to make choices that affect their lives

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Empowering People
Providing Choices
Focused on Individual Abilities
Promoting Independence

2016-17 Hiawatha Homes Foundation Board of Directors

  • Susan Uhlenkamp, President
  • Matt Nigbur, Vice President
  • Roger Dearth, Treasurer
  • Carol Fitzgerald, Past President
  • Peter Carryer, HHI President
  • Mary Brouillard
  • Lisett Comai-Legrand
  • Kathleen Davis
  • Dirk Erickson
  • Darren Groteboer
  • Larry Johnson
  • Mark Johnson
  • Jerry Kvasnicka
  • Rahn Lund
  • Frank McAnulty
  • Michelle Pyfferoen
  • Chet Welle

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