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A Heartfelt Connection

Heartfelt Connection


Annual Giving Donors

AmazonSmile Foundation
Florence Andersen
Marvin and Elaine Anderson
Frank and Linda Armstrong
Glenn and Jo Augustine
Vicky & Mark Avery
James and Desiree Barnes
Lori & Ken Batts
Vern and Jean Baumhover
Gilbert and Linda Becker
Curt and Rose Behnke
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Arleigh and Margaret Benike
Harold and Shelley Bergen
Mary Bergene
Al and Nancy Berning
Tom and Julie Bittinger
Connie Boline
Gerald and Denise Bonde
Theresa Bos
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bowman
Tom Boxrud
Allan and Tamara Boysen
Don and Sharon Brace
William Brandenburg & Sharon Hanson
Anna and Thomas Braun
Shaun Bridges
Carol Brkljacic
Debra and James Brown
Gregory Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Mahlon Burbank
Doug and Sue Butler
Ross and Lori Campbell
Randy and Laura Cannady
Joe & Amy Cass
Delma Clarey
Patricia Clarke
Denise Colwell
Michael and Sheryl Conlan
Ellen Crocco
Mr. Keith Dahlgren
Kenneth and Diane Dahlgren
Marge Dent
John and Lori Deutschman
Trevon Draeger
Duane and Barbara Dueker
Michael and Laura Dusso
Meghan Eggers and Jesse Pendergrass
Michael and Jane Ehresmann
Betsy Ellingson
Erik Ellingson
Marjorie Ellingson
Mark and Janna Ellingson
Patti Ellingson-Solheim
Kathleen Eppard
Valerie Espeseth
Steven and Ann Felton
Mr. Guy Finne
Fire Safety USA
Rick and Carol Fishbune
Carol Fitzgerald
Francis and Heather Fitzgerald
Mike and Denise Fogarty
Fraternal Order of Eagles #2228
Anne Fritsche
David & Barbara Frogner
Angela and Wayne Froisland
Richard and Marilyn Fryer
Mr. and Mrs. Pat and Janet Gannon
Kris and Daniel Gasner
Ms. Judy Gerdts
Peter and Catherine Giesen
Michael & Kelly Glynn
The Goerger Family
Faline Gossman
Geoffrey and Monica Griffin
James and Geraldine Griffin
Florence Haen
Ann and Philip Halverson
Stephany Hannon
Collete and Richard Hanson
Will and Judy Harvey
Morris Haskins
Sharyl Haugen
Jeanette and David Heim
Mary Hermann
Jona Hines
Tim and Kristen Hobday
Ronald and Michelle Hodge
Alfred and Colleen Hodges
Richard and Marilyn Houdek
Lori Hubbard
Sandy Hubbell
Steven and Cynthia Huyber
Immanuel Lutheran Ladies Aid of Potsdam
Elaine Ingalls
Peter and Martha Ingvarsson
International Business Machines Corporation
Keith and Inez Jacobson
Dave & Della Jenkins
Eugene Jennings
Steve and Michelle Jennings
Charles and Doris Johnson
Eric & Lisa Johnson
Larry and Janet Johnson
Lois Johnson
Maureen and Terry Johnson
Richard and Mary Johnson
Thad and Suzanne Johnson
Joy Fogarty
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Anne Kabbes
Michael and Sandra Kamla
Bruce Kaskubar
Kasson United Methodist Women
Michael and Robin Kehoe
Ellen and Walter Keller
Knights of Columbus #11461
Knights of Columbus Council #14145
Knights of Columbus Council #14574
Knights of Columbus Council #4097
Franklin and Bonnie Kottschade
Bradley and Beth Krehbiel
Kathy and Larry Krob
John and Jackie Krumpelmann
Kruse Lumber
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Kuehn
John and Amy Kuth
Lancer Hospitality
Adam and Crystal Landherr
Karen Larsen
Del Lawson
Bradley and Becky Leduc
Corrine Liebenow
Sherry and Wayne Linander
Mark and Kris Litzow
Friend of Hiawatha
Local Independent Charities of Minnesota
Dan & Lorry Macken
Marlee Mathias
Jenny Mattson
John and Geraldine McConnell
Jim and Peggy McEvoy
Lyola McGee
Lyola McGee
Randy and Laurie McGee
Emily McNulty
Joanna Meyer
John and Barb Meyer
John and Bonita Meyer
Terrence and Margaret Meyers
Terry and Nancy Miller
The Milosevic Family
Stuart and Marian Morem
Thomas and Gwendolyn Morem
Amy Neeb
Bob and Lois Neis
Ray Neis
Christian Nelson
Jane Nelson
Will Newkirk
Gloria Noren
Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference
Dominic and Amy Ntoburi
O & B Shoes
Michael and Connie O’Hara
Erin and Bill Nystrom
Tyler and Tami Olson
Mrs. and Mr. Dianne and Larry Orth
John and Cindy Ostrowski
Jonathan and Berit Oviatt
David and Katherine Pederson
George Pehler
Nate & Sue Pelto
Elise Pemberton
Daniel and Terri Penz
People’s Food Co-op
Steve & Sara Petersen
Tim and Deb Peterson
Andrea Peyla-Cossette
Katherine Piderman
Andi Plantenberg
Bard Porath
John & Bonnie Poterucha
Winifred Pralle
Mrs. Deb Priebe
Don Prow
Pete & Carol Pyfferoen
Quilting Cupboard
Erika Randall
K.G. and R.E Reding
Bill Rehm
Craig Reichel
Charles and Marilyn Robinson
Rochester Area Builders
Rochester Area Foundation
Rochester Downtown Alliance
Rochester Police Benevolent Association
Francis and Diane Roellinger
Bill and Jackie Rohe
Caroline Roth
Brian Ruhoff
Rick and Laura Sandwick
Gail Sather
Richard L. Satre
Lloyd and Diane Sauter
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Scanlon
Lorna Schunke
Brad & Tracy Offutt Charitable Fund
Lynn and Steve Sevik
Craig and Joy Sheets
Bruce and Beth Sherden
Mark and Martha Siska
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Sloan
Mike and Nancy Smith
Dan and Barb Soderberg
Jennifer & Steven Sorensen
James and Linda Stelley
Mary Kay Stellpflug
Gordy and Terri Stockinger
Darlene Strouf
Sandra Strozyk
Richard and Barbara Sulack
Anna Sutherland
Colette Sweeney and Kay Anderson
Judith Syring
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Szurszewski
Larry and Jan Tarnow
Mike and Mary Thom
Teresa Thompson
Renee Thoreson
Terry Thul
Jim Bier and Rita Till
Bradley Treder
Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid
Michael Gangelhoff and Betsy Trondson
Susan Uhlenkamp
James and Linda Vail
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Van Dellen
Carin Viertel
Leigh Ann and Dwight Vold
Carolyn Wall
John and Susan Ward
Thomas and Ellen Wente
Wescott Orchard
Steven Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Williams
Lynn and Dennis Wong
Mariann and Frank Yanan
Janine Yanisch
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