• 1820 Valkyrie Drive NW,
  • Rochester, MN 55901
  • HHI: 507-289-7222
  • HHF: 507-289-8683

Committee Members

Ryan Backus, Fran Bradley, Peter Carryer, Lisett Comai-Legrand, Roger Dearth, Dirk Erickson, Deb Falbo, Carol Fitzgerald, Dan Gateno, Missy Hale, Elaine Ingalls, Larry Johnson, Tim Kelly, Jason Krueger, Jerry Kvasnicka, Brian Leary, Peg Lloyd, Rahn Lund, Jim Marcella, Dom Navarro, Nick Pederson, Michelle Pyfferoen, Bruce Ryan, & Steve Sorensen

Darlene Mielke | Mary Brouillard

2020 Underwriter Ambassador | 2020 Underwriter Chairperson

“I enjoy living at Hiawatha Homes because it makes me happy. The staff are good to me by helping me do different things that let me be independent. I plan the house menus, bake and cook when I want to, do my own laundry and clean my room. I like living at Hiawatha Homes and the support of Underwriters for the Festival of Trees helps to make that possible.”


“As both a family member and member of the Boards of Directors for Hiawatha Homes, Inc. and Foundation, I can personally attest to all the good the mission of Hiawatha Homes does for families served at Hiawatha Homes. I personally invite you to be a part of the Hiawatha Homes family.”