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A Heartfelt Connection

Heartfelt Connection


Referral Bonus Form

Eligibility requirements:

  • Employees must complete a Referral Bonus form and submit this form to the HR Recruitment Specialist within thirty days of the referred person submitting an application
  • The referred person must be hired, remain employed at least 120 days and work at least 150 hours of total time (within the 120 days).
  • In the event that two or more Referral Bonus forms are submitted for the same applicant, only one Referral Bonus will be paid out based upon a first come first serve basis (based upon the date submitted to Human Resources or the Supervisor).
  • Referral bonuses will not be awarded for previously employed applicants.
  • ***Electronic submissions received for people HIRED between 10/31/2018 – 12/31/2018 will be eligible for an $500 dollar referral bonus!!!
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