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Join the Hiawatha Homes family! Hiawatha Homes provides quality support services to people with disabilities at home and in the community.

COVID-19 Preparedness & Response Efforts<br />

At Hiawatha Homes, the safety of those we support and our team members come first. We strictly abide by all guidance from MN Department of Health, Olmsted County Public Health, and the Department of Human Services. We urge you to join our team. As we navigate this pandemic, we will do it together – from a safe distance apart. To ensure safety, we have implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 Business Plan. In addition, Personal Protective Equipment is provided to each employee with training on proper donning and doffing. Join our team! Let’s get through this together.

Position Information

  • Full Time
  • Base wages based on experience and education
  • Weekend Shift Differential Pay: $2.50/hour
  • $200 bonus after 6 months and 300 hours worked
  • Locations in Rochester, MN

Job Description

The Float Nurse coordinates and provides nursing care and medical support to individuals
supported at Hiawatha Homes. The nurse position floats among all program locations and
assists with absent nursing coverage as needed. The Float Nurse assists with orientation and
medical needs training of newly hired nurses and support staff, attends to individual
medical concerns or appointments, and integrates health related needs into the daily plans
and activities of the individuals supported. The Float Nurse delivers care to the individuals
supported through assessment, planning, intervention and implementation. The Float Nurse
effectively interacts and communicates with the individuals supported, members of the
interdisciplinary team, support staff, House Coordinator(s) and Director of Nursing.


      Responsibilities & Duties

      Medical Training

      • Provide medical/ health related training to support staff, House Coordinators, Program
        Managers/Program Director and other unlicensed employees, under the direction of
        the Director of Nursing.
      • Assist with medical needs training and orientation of newly hired nurses and support
      • Coordinate and conduct the In-Home Medication Orientation/
        Observation/Competency for all new hires within designated programs.
      • Provide annual medication observation and written testing for employees within
        designated programs.
      • Provide orientation and instruction during Medical Needs and Equipment training.
      • Track employee medication errors and provide training and support to employees
        when medication errors occur. Communicate error concerns to appropriate House
        Coordinator and to the Director of Nursing for any needed guidance or follow up.
      • Maintain awareness & provide education regarding individuals medical and health
        related needs.


          • Assist with open hours and absent nursing coverage as assigned.
          • Administer and monitor medication and treatment plans for the individuals supported.
          • Attend or properly delegate attendance for medical appointments for the individuals
            supported. If not in attendance, provide proper follow up with documentation and/or
            training needs.
          • Perform nursing functions and care using established policies, procedures and
            standards outlined by the individual’s physician or care plan.
          • Report, document and communicate needs/problems and observations regarding an
            individual’s condition to appropriate members of the individuals interdisciplinary team,
            support staff, House Coordinator, Program Managers/Program Director and Director of
          • Demonstrate flexibility to perform duties wherever volume deems it necessary within all
            Hiawatha Homes program locations.
          • Demonstrate sound judgment by taking appropriate actions regarding questionable
            findings, requests, orders and/or concerns.
          • Follow proper protocol and reporting procedures for accidents/ incidents.

              Care/ Support

              • Support the House Coordinator in providing a quality home like environment for each
                individual supported.
              • Assist with 1:1 nursing needs as assigned.
              • Promote the safety, health, comfort and habilitation of the individuals supported.
              • Follow the Individual Abuse Prevention Plan, Vulnerability Summary, Coordinated
                Service and Support Plan (CSSP) Addendum and Person Centered Plans as written for
                each individual.
              • Assist and accompanies individuals in achieving their personal and/or medical goals
                and meeting their needs and desires by participating in medical, leisure and
                recreational activities as needed.
              • Maintain confidentiality of all information about the individuals and their families.
              • Provide opportunities to develop the individual interests of the individuals supported.
              • Work a variety of hours scheduled to meet the needs of the individuals and homes,
                insuring necessary coverage, supervision, oversight and care.

                  Other Duties

                  • Maintain medical records and health related documentation at least monthly or more
                    frequently as needed.
                  • Provide additional non-medical documentation regarding individuals supported as
                  • Maintain medical supplies for designated home(s).
                  • Comply with Hiawatha Homes’ Staff Development requirements and
                    attend/participate in Professional Development as needed or directed.
                  • Follow Infection Control guidelines
                  • Able to receive direction from the House Coordinator(s) and the Director of Nursing.
                  • Conduct oneself in a professional manner while performing one’s job both within and
                    outside of Hiawatha Homes’ facilities.

                      Medical On Call Responsibilities

                      • Participate in Medical On Call Rotation as assigned
                      • Available Friday at 5pm through Sunday at midnight (12:00am)
                      • Available to receive phone calls (phone provided by Hiawatha Homes) by staff at the
                        program sites. Calls will pertain to medically related concerns or questions regarding
                        the people we support.
                      • Available to provide necessary on site visual assessment/ medical procedures, further
                        instruction to staff and/or bring the person supported to the Emergency Room for
                        further evaluation/ admission to the hospital.
                      • Continue to participate in Ferguson Weekend rotation as scheduled.
                      • At the completion of the On-Call weekend a written medical On-Call Report will be
                        completed and shared with Leadership members for communication purposes and
                        any needed follow up on Monday.

                          Qualifications & Skills

                          All applicants must:

                          • Current Registered Nursing (RN) license in the State of Minnesota
                          • Nursing experience in the field of disabilities and previous leadership experience is
                          • Must be at least 18 years of age
                          • Ability to speak, write, and comprehend the English language
                          • A valid driver’s license, satisfactory motor vehicle record and successful completion of
                            Hiawatha Homes driving test.
                          • Ability to work with and support both male and females
                          • Successful completion of Hiawatha Homes Medication Administration class
                          • Upon hire, candidates must provide proof of employment eligibility and proof of being
                            free from tuberculosis.
                          • All candidates must successfully pass a State of Minnesota background check before
                            working unsupervised.


                            We offer flexible schedules, valuable experience, paid training, PTO, health benefits, and 401k.

                            Hiawatha Homes is an equal opportunity, affirmative action and veteran-friendly employer.


                              Contact Human Resources | 507-289-7222 | employment@hiawathahomes.org

                              Location: Rochester, MN