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Join the Hiawatha Homes family! Hiawatha Homes provides quality support services to people with disabilities at home and in the community.

COVID-19 Preparedness & Response Efforts<br />

At Hiawatha Homes, the safety of those we support and our team members come first. We strictly abide by all guidance from MN Department of Health, Olmsted County Public Health, and the Department of Human Services. We urge you to join our team. As we navigate this pandemic, we will do it together – from a safe distance apart. To ensure safety, we have implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 Business Plan. In addition, Personal Protective Equipment is provided to each employee with training on proper donning and doffing. Join our team! Let’s get through this together.

Position Information

  • Full time; 30hrs/week or more

  • Starting Wage: $16.60/hr ; Non-Exempt
  • $200 bonus after 6 months and 300 hours worked
  • Located in Rochester, MN

Responsibilities & Duties

The Team Leader functions as a trainer and mentor to the Direct Support Professionals and Aides within their designated program. He/she plans and monitors daily activities and routines, and provides ongoing feedback to the Direct Support Professionals and Aides. The Team Leader supports individuals with disabilities in community-based residential homes and family support services. He/she assists individuals with daily living skills development, health and wellness management, medication administration, behavioral and communication development, personal cares and community involvement. Quality support services are delivered with dignity and respect for each individual’s unique needs. The Team Leader advocates for individuals to be fully integrated into community life.


Essential Job Functions

  1. Follows the Individuals Abuse Prevention Plan (IAPP) and Coordinated Service and Support Plan (CSSP) Addendum as written for each person.
  • Supports each person’s dignity of risk while following through with IAPP’s, service outcomes, and positive behavioral support plans to reduce vulnerability identified areas.
  • Assists each person with personal cares and daily routines.
  1. Follows the Health Plans as written for each person and documents appropriately.
  • Administers and documents medications and treatments as directed.
  • Locates and uses medical information and resources established by the program.
  • Clearly and accurately documents changes in the person’s condition and communicates this information to the nurse and coordinator.
  1. Displays satisfactory attendance and punctuality.
  • Arrives on time and works scheduled shifts.
  • Completes scheduled training.
  • Maintains staff coverage until relief staff is on duty or until a supervisor has given approval to leave.
  1. Demonstrates a person-centered attitude and builds positive relationships with the individuals supported.
  • Supports people in establishing and maintaining relationships with friends, family, and community connections.
  • Assists each person in meeting personal needs and desires by participating in leisure and recreational activities and encouraging community involvement such as Community Education classes, Parks and Recreation activities, Special Olympics, shopping, spiritual activities, swimming, volunteer work, etc.
  • Shows respect and dignity through words and actions while supporting each person.
  • Maintains healthy and professional relationships with individuals, families, guardians, case managers and peers.
  • Provides choices and promotes independence at home and in the community.
  1. Documents day-to-day progress and activities.
  • Consistently and accurately documents data, information and other required paperwork in regards to each individual, such as shift notes, T-logs, health tab, ISP data, etc.
  • Reads documentation (such as S-Comms and T-logs) and responds appropriately.
  • Clearly and accurately documents accidents and incidents related to the person’s vulnerabilities, and communicates information as outlined in the person’s individualized plan.
  • Reports any instances of alleged abuse or neglect according to internal and external standards.
  1. Promotes health and safety within the program and on Hiawatha Homes’ properties.
  • Clearly and accurately documents and reports maintenance needs and other concerns to the appropriate supervisor.
  • Follows procedures utilizing medical equipment; reports malfunctions or needed repairs.
  • Implements cleaning guidelines and provides a sanitary and safe environment for each individual. This includes, but is not limited to cleaning of wheelchairs, laundry, bathrooms, and other locations on the program and property site.
  • Follows Hiawatha Homes’ transportation guidelines when operating vehicles.
  1. Maintains communication with staff, families, and FSS Leadership team
  • Carries personal cell phone for emergency use during paid time.
  • Checks agency email account, voice mail, and mail folders regularly during planning hours.
  • Maintains calendar on Outlook with work schedule.
  • Communicates any changes made to scheduled Team Leader planning hours to Program Coordinator.
  • Ensures permission from legal guardians regarding off site outings farther than a 50-mile radius.
  1. Other
  • Creates and maintains positive work environment and culture.
  • Exhibits a willingness to cross train and work at other programs.
  • Uses personal vehicle to transport individuals to/from their primary residences, schools, and/or other locations.
  • Performs other duties and activities as assigned by the Coordinator.
  • Participates in on call weekend rotation.
  1. Assists Program Coordinators in providing oversight of designated program.
  • Serves as a trainer and mentor for new Direct Support Professionals and Aides, and maintains a flexible schedule, as needed.
  • Assists Program Coordinator with required staff meetings and notes.
  • Attends mandatory Staff Development, required FSS/ Respite Staff Meetings and other trainings deemed necessary by the supervisor.
  • Assists Program Coordinator and Staffing and Respite Coordinator with ensuring training program requirements are met including, but not limited to: vehicle checks, van training and test-outs, and lift training.
  • Checks weekly to ensure that sufficient copies of timecards, charting, and forms are available to staff. Makes copies as needed.
  • Ensure all forms are posted for the weekend (i.e. Task Check Off, Item Check List, Menu Forms, Daily Charting Sheet, etc.)
  • Works an average of 30-35 hours per week providing direct care, along with an average of 5 hours per week of Team Leader Duties.
  • Ensures FSS van is properly fueled and routine maintenance is up to date.
  • Conducts and tracks quarterly storm and fire drills.
  • Ensures compliance with licensing regulations, agency policies and practices, and protection of individual rights.
  • Assists Program Coordinator in managing the program budget and completing/submitting vouchers and reimbursements, as needed.
  • Assists in balancing Activity Center individual’s petty cash as needed.
  • Verifies staff mileage for accuracy and submits to Staffing and Respite Coordinator.
  • Tracks hours of service provided to individuals in the LEEP program.
  • Works direct support at FSS/Respite as needed, in addition to Team Leader duty hours.
  • Assists with vacant/open shifts/hours.
  • Clearly and accurately documents and reports maintenance/program needs and other questions or concerns to the appropriate supervisor.
  1. Completes planning for the program’s day to day operations.
  • Provides a clean and safe environment for each person.
  • Posts memos/updates, and communication items, as necessary, through email, Therap, etc.
  • Ensures that supported individuals’ belongings are being checked in and out upon arrival and departure.
  • Ensures program cleaning lists and other program duties are maintained.
  • Assigns the Activity Center individuals’ daily tasks and/or chores.
  • Ensures that staff and individuals are completing daily chores at the Activity Center, and communicating to the Activity Center Program Coordinator and the Staffing and Respite Coordinator of any uncompleted chores or performance concerns.
  • Ensures that weekend duties are completed by the end of the shift on Sunday.
  • Completes activity, snack, and meal plans for all FSS programs as well as completes the shopping of groceries and needed supplies for all programs.
  • Prepares and posts the schedule and activities.
  • Prepares and serves balanced meals using the weekend menu which follows the basic food groups.
  • Plans off-site field trips and ensures transportation is available and set up for the day, including seating arrangements within the vehicles in coordination with the HILtop Team Leader.
  • Ensures that the Activity Center is adequately stocked with materials to complete planned activities.
  • Sets up the Activity Center activity/craft supplies, and snack items daily, prior to supported individuals arriving at the Activity Center site. If unable to do so, the Team Leader will communicate and delegate this task to a coworker or the Activity Center Program Coordinator.

Training Compliance

  • Attends monthly staff meetings (unless pre-excused by supervisor).
  • Takes responsibility for arranging with supervisor to review missed meeting notes on Therap.
  • Attends orientation and on-going training as directed.
  • Ensures annual training compliance module is completed.
  • Ensures annual 245D, and foster care licensing compliance trainings are current (CPR, BST, Back Safety, Mental Health, FASD, SUIDS/AHT;etc.).
  • Completes the number of annual mandatory training (12 or 24), based on length of field experience.


Qualifications & Skills

All applicants must:

    • Is at least 18 years of age.
    • Has the ability to speak, write, and comprehend the English language.
    • Possesses a valid driver’s license, satisfactory motor vehicle record, and successfully completes a Hiawatha Homes driving test.
    • Is able to provide proof of employment eligibility and proof of being free from tuberculosis upon hire.
    • Successfully passes a State of Minnesota background check before working unsupervised.
    • Is willing and able to work with and support both males and females.
    • Successfully completes the Hiawatha Homes Medication Administration class.

    *At least one year of direct care and/or residential services experience preferred.

    *High School Diploma or GED (General Education Diploma) preferred.


As an employee, you will have the opportunity to receive the following benefits:

  • Paid job training
  • Professional development
  • Paid time off
  • Employer paid retirement plan
  • Health, Dental and vision insurance

Hiawatha Homes is an equal opportunity, affirmative action and veteran-friendly employer.


Contact Abby Bumsted, Human Resource Representative | 507-601-8869 | abumsted@hiawathahomes.org

Location: Rochester, MN