A Heartfelt Connection

Heartfelt Connection


ARRM Cares

Hiawatha Homes

2019 ARRM Cares Nominee

“I hit a cow,” was the simple answer that Jeff Morgan gave when asked how he ended up working for Hiawatha Homes. At the time, Jeff was working as a farmer and truck driver and that cow managed to cause a spinal cord injury and reset the trajectory of his career path. He landed at Hiawatha Homes and has spent the last 6 years as a Direct Support Professional who is trained at 18 different programs. In all of these programs, Jeff consistently finds a way to give individualized care to each person he supports. From dance parties to community events, he will always ensure that each individual is living the life they desire.

Hiawatha Homes nominated Jeff for the 2019 ARRM Cares Award. The ARRM Cares Award recognizes DSP’s who represent specific ideal skills and values such as creative, innovative, person-centered approaches to services, personal integrity, and networking supports. His commitment to these values not only makes him a valuable employee but also highly talented and successful in supporting individuals to reach their goals.


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