• 1820 Valkyrie Drive NW,
  • Rochester, MN 55901
  • HHI: 507-289-7222
  • HHF: 507-289-8683

Received in honor of

Karen Burbank

Danny Ellingson

Michael Falbo

Christy Fitzgerald

The HH LEEP Staff

The Amazing Staff of Hiawatha Homes

Larry & Janet Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Abe Jones

Paula Kane

Carel Masek

Kathy Hawkins, Andy Seidl, and Andy Kollengode who serve patients with disabilities cared for by the Mayo Clinic Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Carol Ann Miller

Received in memory of

Dennis Alton

Curtis R. Anderson

Camilla Berry

Sheri Conlan

David Cork

Larry Coyne

Jason Danielson

Cyril Griebenow

Mark Grunklee

Charles & Catherine Hiley

Loyola H. Hockert

Lowell Johnso

Erika Keller

James Kulas

Tyler Malcomson

Rachel Mann

Gary McDowell

Andy Munyer

Shirley & Brad Nielsen

Linda Pieper

Betty Pyfferoen

Connie Rehm

Nikki Rott

Cherryl Sykes