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A Heartfelt Connection

Heartfelt Connection


2019-20 Hiawatha Homes Boards of Directors

These generous individuals give their time, talent and treasure to further Hiawatha Homes’ mission to provide quality support to individuals with disabilities at home and in their community! From the team at Hiawatha Homes, thank you!

Hiawatha Homes, Inc.

Seated from left to right: Heather Whitten, Ryan Backus, Matt Nigbur, Nicholas Dibble Standing from left to right: Dan Gateno, Mary Brouillard, Jim Marcella, Carol Fitzgerald, Dr. Peter Carryer, Fran Bradley Not pictured: Dirk Erickson, Deb Falbo, Elaine Ingalls, Timothy Kelly, Jason Krueger, Susan Uhlenkamp


HHI Executive Committee

President – Ryan Backus

Vice President – Heather Whitten

Treasurer – Matt Nigbur

HHF President – Matt Nigbur


Hiawatha Homes  Foundation

Seated from left to right: Kathy Davis, Heather Whitten, Ryan Backus, Matt Nigbur, Linda Becker Standing from left to right: Roger Dearth, Mary Brouillard, Dr. Peter Carryer, Rahn Lund, Missy Hale, Jerry Kvasnicka, Michelle Pyfferoen Not pictured: Lisett Comai-Legrand, Dr. Margaret Lloyd


Executive Committee

President – Matt Nigbur

Vice President – Kathy Davis

Treasurer – Lisett Comai-Legrand

Past President – Susan Uhlenkamp

HHI President – Ryan Backus

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